• Debt management & settlement companies

    A complete summary of current obligations within DSI’s database will be generated for each new DMP/DSA consumer record provided, revealing the amount of each indebtedness component and to whom individual amounts are owed.

  • Debt buyers, agencies & law firms

    For debt buyers, DSI represents the more precise means to model portfolio purchases. For collection entities, DSI facilitates the internal segmenting of newly assigned portfolios and electronically identifies immediate settlement opportunities.

  • Credit Grantors

    Although potential applications are virtually unlimited, the DSI database will prove especially helpful in assessing portfolio values, determining contingency rates, segmenting accounts, assigning placement life cycles and maximizing recoveries.

Debt management & settlement companies

Faster resolutions; increased client satisfaction.

Debt Management and Settlement Companies represent consumers in direct negotiations with creditors to satisfactorily resolve unpaid financial obligations. This invaluable service eliminates the harassment of repeated collection attempts and restores a consumer’s credit standing in the shortest possible time. Given prevailing economic conditions, an ever-increasing number of consumers are seeking these services; in turn, this growing demand has created the need for a more cost effective means of controlling this expanding clientele.

DSI represents the solution to these new challenges. As a contributor of consumer information to the DSI database, a DMP/DSA partner will benefit in the following ways:

  • Frequently, consumers may not recall all obligations owed, but when new consumer records are entered into the DSI database, a complete summary is generated of all active obligations currently owed to our participating partners.
  • This summary will immediately clarify to whom all debt is owed. This information will be invaluable as the current obligation could be owed to the original creditor – or – may have already been assigned to a debt buyer, collection agency or law firm.
  • This electronic identification of contact information is achieved in a fraction of the time normally required and at no cost to our participating partners.

By utilizing DSI, Debt Management and Settlement Companies will have access to the indebtedness of their clients and which entities to contact. With this information, the negotiation and settlement process will be greatly advanced. In turn, an expedited settlement process will result in increased client satisfaction.