• Debt management & settlement companies

    A complete summary of current obligations within DSI’s database will be generated for each new DMP/DSA consumer record provided, revealing the amount of each indebtedness component and to whom individual amounts are owed.

  • Debt buyers, agencies & law firms

    For debt buyers, DSI represents the more precise means to model portfolio purchases. For collection entities, DSI facilitates the internal segmenting of newly assigned portfolios and electronically identifies immediate settlement opportunities.

  • Credit Grantors

    Although potential applications are virtually unlimited, the DSI database will prove especially helpful in assessing portfolio values, determining contingency rates, segmenting accounts, assigning placement life cycles and maximizing recoveries.

Watch program

24/7 Settlement opportunities.

While some of our financial partners will periodically use DSI’s Sales Analyzer Scrub for portfolio analysis, DSI’s Watch Program also provides the capability to continuously monitor active portfolios. Each day, as uploaded data is provided by debt management and settlement companies, DSI’s Watch Program will automatically compare the new data against active portfolio accounts.

This comparison function is continuous. As DMP/DSA uploads are received, the Watch Program will immediately compare this new data against existing portfolio records. The entire DSI database updates hourly, and the Watch Program is constantly on the lookout for new consumer matches.

As new matches are identified, the Watch Program will then automatically email our financial partner that a new settlement opportunity exists, vital information that can significantly reduce the time required to achieve a satisfactory result. This continuous monitoring function also captures all consumers that withdraw from an existing program.

DSI’s Watch Program performs this monitoring function of every portfolio within our database. This process is seamless, continuous and accomplished in less time, and at far less cost, than would otherwise be possible by any manual review.

Thus, DSI’s Watch Program ensures that our financial partners will have the complete confidence in knowing that every new settlement opportunity will be immediately presented for their consideration.